No Rinse Shampoo Liquid (8 Oz)

Ready to use Shampoo

No Rinsing required after shampoo,

just wipe away foam.

S$13.80 (including 7% tax)

No Rinse Shampoo Cap

Shampoo caps are an excellent and convenient way to clean your hair. Each cap contains a generous amount of both shampoo and conditioner. Simply put cap onto your head, massage the scalp, remove and towel dry. Shampoo caps are easy to use and provide great results. You can even warm them in a microwave, with no mess.


NoRinse caps are widely used by medical staff, care workers, mobile hairdressers and are ideal when bending causes neck pain or its difficult to get in or out of the bath.

S$6.80 (including 7% tax)

No Rinse Body Wash (8 Oz)

Ready to use Body Wash

No Rinsing required after cleansing,

just wipe away foam.

S$13.80 (including 7% tax)

No Rinse Body Bath (8 Oz)

2 capfuls diluted make one

8oz bottle of BodyWash!

You can also use full strength

shower gel!!

S$29.80 (including 7% tax)

No Rinse Bathing Wipes

8pcs of Ready to use wipes,

soak with No-Rinse Bodywash.

S$6.80 (including 7% tax)

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