SoClean Perineal Cleanser

SoClean Product keeps Perineal Clean and prevent Incontinence Associated Dermatitis

Current Situation in Nursing Homes and Hospitals

High Prevalence of IAD and Incontinence:

A study on 1918 nursing home residents revealed 98% were incontinent and 51% has IAD. (Bliss DZ et al. J Wound

Ostomy Con Nurs 2007;34:143-152). Another study reveal 41% IAD prevalence in LTC facilities. (Keller PA et al. Ost Wnd

Manage 1990;30:60-64)

Cause and Effect of IAD:

IAD caused by exposure to urine, feces, perspiration. (Junkin et al. 2007). Intestinal and bacterial enzymes can

weaken epidermal integrity and cause skin damage. (Scheinfeld et al. 2005)

Current Cleaning Processes may be inadequate:

Current practice of using pure water wetwipes, or paper tissues which is abrasive.

The process is often messy and leave a stench.  In fact a mark of IAD which is often mistaken as pressure ulcers is

urine/fecal odor. (Black et al, JWOCN 2011)


Implementation of preventive regimen:

A preventive regimen needs to be implemented that includes inspection, gentle cleansing, routine use of moisturisers and

barrier protectant. (Diane L et al. 2011)

Important to Moisturise and Clean Thoroughly:

A cleanser which has a surfactant to loosen and remove residue and irritants, which also moisturises is recommended. (Nix D et

al 2004). Non-soap skin cleanser with balanced pH is better choice. (Diane L et al)

Apply Protective Barrier:

A protective barrier after cleaning is important.

Saves Time:

SoClean Perineal cleanser show no difference in maintaining skin integrity between using soap and water and no-rinse, but

significantly reduced staff time by 79mins per day. (Bliss DZ et al. 2005)

Prevention of IAD:

Another study comparing soap and water and no-rinse cleanser shows a statistically significant difference in prevention of IAD

with no-rinse cleanser – 15% IAD in soap/water vs. 0% in no-rinse. (Clever K et al. 2002)

Perineal Cleanser

* Non-Rinse, antibacterial formula

* Cleanser enriched with moisturisers.

* pH-balanced, hypoallergenic, alcohol free.

* With surfactant effectively clean away odor, body fluid, and fecal materials.

Large Body Wipes

* Large body wipes for easy cleansing.

* Antibacterial formula and cleanser for effective cleaning. Benzalkonium chloride is a

   detergent and quaternary ammonium compound with a broad range of antimicrobial


* Enriched with moisturisers and emollients to protect skin.