No Rinse Shampoo Liquid

Elderly often do not have the mobility to go to the bathroom to wash their hair or take a bath.  NO-RINSE shampoo effectively cleanses your scalp from grease and dirt on your bed without having to rinse with water.

Developed for the NASA space program, the No Rinse Shampoo has been used on the space shuttle Atlantis and in the international Space station. It is also used by many for camping / outdoor survival and in the healthcare industry.

Massage the NoRinse liquid into the hair and thoroughly towel dry. Grease and dirt are lifted into the lather and removed with the towel.

NO-RINSE product helps you to stay clean and fresh even while lying in bed.

No Rinse Shampoo Cap

Shampoo caps are an excellent and convenient way to clean your hair. Each cap contains a generous amount of both shampoo and conditioner.


Simply put cap onto your head, massage the scalp, remove and towel dry. Shampoo caps are easy to use and provide great results. You can even warm them in a microwave, with no mess.


NoRinse caps are widely used by medical staff, care workers, mobile hairdressers and are ideal when bending causes neck pain or its difficult to get in or out of the bath.

No Rinse Body Wash

No Rinse Body Wash is a ready to use solution that leaves your skin clean, refreshed and odour free. Absolutely no rinsing is required! No Rinse Body Wash moisturises your skin whilst cleaning it. It is effective, but gentle and does not contain alcohol.

Simply put some body wash onto a moist cloth, wipe the body gently starting from the head, hands, body, perineal and legs. It is a refreshing experience for the one nursing on bed as well as the caregiver.  Saves time and water, and most importantly, keep the body clean and skin healthy.

No Rinse Body Bath

No Rinse Body Bath is the concentrated formula of NoRinse Body Wash. It could be diluted with water to make your own body wash solution or use in full strength as a liquid soap for showering.  Ordinary shower gel are not formulated for the delicate elderly skin which are often dry and prone to infection.  Using No Rinse Body Bath as a shower gel promotes healthy skin and health body as it is gentle on the skin and moisturises after wash.  Softer skin would prevent possible infection and disease of the skin.

1oz is 4 capfuls, 2 capfuls diluted make one 8oz bottle of BodyWash! You can also use full strength as a liquid soap!

No Rinse Bathing Wipes

No Rinse Bathing Wipes are both Alcohol Free (won’t dry the skin) and Anti Bacterial. They are impregnated with waterless body wash and are fantastically safe and effective. They can also be warmed in the microwave for a luxurious and thorough wash.

Bathing Wipes are commonly used by nurses, care workers, festival goers, campers, hikers etc, and are especially useful when recovering in hospital!