Who Are We?

SOZO came from the Greek word for salvation. This world also entails the meaning being saved from disease and sicknesses, being well, being whole!

As the word SOZO, our mission is to bring about well being and wholesome living through our research and a heart that cares. We analyse even minor details of everyday living to design products and processes that answer to the needs, the cry for being well and being whole.

Our primary targets are the 2 groups which needed help most, the babies and the elderly. Our key focus is to help our target group live a clean life. As we believe that if we are Clean, we are well.

Our Commitments:

SOZO Medical is committed to listen to your needs as a patient and as a caregiver.  Our research focused on providing innovative and quality products that would enhance the quality of care and also to reduce the stressed faced by a caregiver.  We want to encourage the community to share their experience and best practices in our platform.

We are medical professionals who cares to understand the issues faced by patients and caregivers.  We provides solutions to help live a good life.